Monday, April 21, 2014

Get Your Desired Runescape Firemaking Level

These are the four methods we will cover in this guide to get you to your desired Firemaking level and get the prestigious skill cape. The beginning methods are usually all the same due to level requirements, and here it is:

Levels 1-15

The best thing to do while starting out is to burn normal logs until 15. Logs are easy to get; you can get them from the GE, by cutting trees, or buying them from other players by runescape gold. It will take you around 61 normal logs to get to 15. At which time you can then burn Oak logs. This is for both F2P and P2P.

Levels 15-30

You did it! You got to 15 Firemaking. Now you can burn Oak logs. It's recommended to use Oak logs instead of regular logs because it gives you more experience per log. Use the Oak logs until level 30. Once at level 30 you can then burn Willow logs. It will take 183 Oak logs to get from 15 to 30. Again, both are for F2P and P2P.

Now you are at level 30 Firemaking! You can now either burn Willow logs to 99 or your set level to save cash. Now, if you just want to burn out those levels then it's recommended to use Maple logs, because they give more experience then Willow logs but it will be more costly.

Levels 30-45+

You're getting there, you are almost at those higher levels. What you are going to want to do is to burn Willow logs until 45 where you can then burn Maple logs. Willows is a popular choice for the lower level firemakers. What many people do is cut the logs in Draynor and then burn then outside the bank. To get to 45 you are going to have to burn 535 Willow logs.

Method One (30-99)

This is the method you want to use if you don't have a lot of money, but want a high Firemaking level and you do not care how long it takes. To get from 30 to 99 Firemaking you will need to burn 144,679 Willow logs. Now this is a lot more than the method below, but it's fairly cheaper. In the end, it is your choice what method you want to do, but method number one is the cheapest method to do.

Method Two (45-99)

The big 45, you can now burn Maple logs. This is a popular choice for people who have money and don't want to spend time to burn many logs. Many players choose this method. To get to 99 you are going to have to burn 96,195 Maple logs. Now that may seem like a lot, but it costs a lot less than the next method.

Method Three (60-99)

This is a method for if you are a rich person who hates training Firemaking and just wants the cape. From 60-99 you will need to burn 63,016 Yew logs, which is a lot less than the needed amount for Willow logs or Maple logs, but it will costs much much more. To get 99 Firemaking, you will need to spend about 32 million gp. For free to play players this is the highest level log you can burn.

Method Four (75-99)

If you are in a huge hurry to get your cape and have enough cash, then this is the method for you.

From 75-99 you will need to burn 42,905 Magic Logs, which is about half of what you would burn if you did Maple logs. But remember it is much, much more expensive. It will cost about 62 million gp for 99. In this guide, this method isn't recommended unless you have money to waste.

The second thing we are going to cover is location. This is all about where you are going to go to train your Firemaking quickly without having to move around too much. The locations are in straight lines in order to speed up the process. There are not many such places around RuneScape, as most locations will have something blocking you, forcing you to move to either side to keep burning. Therefore, without further ado, we give you the currently known, best locations for Firemaking!

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