Sunday, April 20, 2014

Where To Hunt Bird In Runescape

All birds in Runescape will drop bones, raw bird meat, and some type of feathers. Here’s a list of the various birds you can snare along with some information about each one.
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Crimson Swift – The Crimson Swift can be found in the Jungle Hunting Area, southeast of Feldip Hills near the shore. You can start hunting this bird at Hunter Level 1. In addition to bones and raw bird meat, the Crimson Swift will also drop red feathers which can be used for the same purposes as regular feathers.
Runescape Crimson Swift 1 Runescape Crimson Swift 2
Golden Warbler – This bird is located in the Desert Hunting Area, southeast of Al Kharid, and can be snared with a Hunter Level of 5 or higher. It drops yellow feathers which can be used just like regular feathers.
Runescape Golden Warbler 1 Runescape Golden Warbler 2
Copper Longtail – The Copper Longtail is found in the Woodland Hunting Area near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. It drops brown feathers (used like regular feathers) and requires a Hunter Level of 9 to snare.
Runescape Copper Longtail 2 Runescape Copper Longtail 1
Cerulean Twitch – This bird is located in the Snow Hunting Area just northeast of Rellekka. The blue feathers dropped by this bird can be used like regular feathers. A Hunter Level of 11 or higher is needed to snare the Cerulean Twitch.
Runescape Cerulean Twitch 1 Runescape Cerulean Twitch 2
Tropical Wagtail – The Tropical Wagtail can be found in the Jungle Hunting Area south of Feldip Hills and requires a Hunter Level of 19 to snare. This bird drops stripy feathers, which work just like regular feathers when used in fletching, but have a special use in fishing. If you use stripy feathers with a fly fishing rod, you’ll catch rainbow fish instead of the types of fish you would catch with other feathers in Runescape.
Runescape Tropical Wagtail 2 Runescape Tropical Wagtail 1
Wimpy Bird – In addition to needing a Hunter Level of 39 or higher, you’ll also have to reach a certain point in the As a First Resort quest before you can snare Wimpy Birds. These birds are located in the Oo’glog area and drop wimpy feathers. You’ll also have to burn tansymum weed in order to snare Wimpy Birds.
Runescape Wimpy Bird 2 Runescape Wimpy Bird 1

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