Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jagex needs you and Runescape needs you respect

In these days, runescape Solomon's General Store and Treasure Hunter, as well as micro-payments are really making some players cry about. Although Jagex's CEO has explained that in public, still some players cannot understand that. Based on that, a player expressed his opinion.

Don’t count on something you pay to acquire
If you directly pay to acquire something without doing much work for it, then it becomes much more difficult to deal with losing it. However, runescape is a cycle of gaining and losing items. So if you want to enjoy more about runescape, don't count on something you pay to acquire. Players of runescape has already understood that losing items is a normal thing, you just get back up and work for them or even better items again. That will be more meaningful for runescape.

Jagex is the one who own runescape not you
You may not be happy for hearing that, but that is the truth. Jagex developed the game and continue to do so, although it is obviously wise of Jagex to agree with the majority of players in aims to keep their player-base, they are under no obligation to do so. You may make suggestions, and all developers enjoy fan-suggestions, but that doesn't mean that your suggestion is mandatory and that it has to be followed through. They need to think it in a long term, so they need your support and understanding.

Jagex is not a charity organization but a company
They may not do everything well, but you need to understand that Jagex is a company and they to make money for their future development. Same as Jagex ever mentioned in recent post that if they didn't offer micro payments would they either need to more than double the cost of monthly membership for everyone or halve the size of the runescape team or otherwise make other rather unpalatable choices which they would rather not contemplate.

To error is human, to forgive is divine. Error means they are on the way to success. They just need time and support. Forgive their error. Jagex needs you. Runescape needs you.

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