Friday, May 16, 2014

The way to get 99 Mining in members worlds

This guide is for people to ask any questions with regards to the skill of Mining and/or how to use it around RuneScape, as well as obviously reading my guide. It is known as a boring skill to train, and yes it can be, but there are fun elements of the skill too, at least to me. In this guide I will show you the quickest ways of levelling between certain levels, as well as how many ores it will require, but also show you some fun ways to mine too.

Levels 1-15

Here is where you will start the long, tough journey to 99. Luckily these first levels are fairly simple (as they should be) and you will need to head out of Lumbridge towards Varrock East. At the mine south-east of Varrock, you should find numerous copper rocks, as well as tin and iron ones.For these first levels, I recommend mining copper. Make sure you have a pickaxe wielded or in your inventory and mine copper until your inventory is full. Then run northwest to the closest bank, back to the mine and repeat.You will need 138 ore for level 15.

Levels 15-77

Congratulations on level 15 Mining! You can now mine iron ore.It may seem like a large jump to level 77, but it is the quickest way to obtain these levels. Of course I will show you other ways to get experience too.At this point, sell all of your copper ore, and I recommend you buy one of every pickaxe up to and including rune – shown in the pickaxe guide on page 1:2.Take the best pickaxe you can mine with along with you to Ardougne market square and head out of the town to the north east. Here, there is a mine with 3 iron rocks all surrounding one square which is where you will stand.What you do from here on in is fairly simple – mine the iron rocks. However there are 2 methods which I will explain to you now:

Powermining (recommended):This is the technique where you will drop all of the ore you mine. The best way is to mine an ore, drop it, mine another one, drop it and etc. This will obviously mean you obtain no profit from these levels, but it allows you to maximise XP/hour rates seeing as they are fairly low anyway.

Banking: You can either run to the bank in Ardougne, or bring along a teleport to a bank and then teleport back to Ardougne and run to the mine. This method obviously requires less concentration than the other method, and allows you to make runescape gold whilst mining, but this will drastically effect your xp rates per hour.It is your choice after all and whether you need the money desperately – after all, the main money making stage is after level 77.You will need to mine 42,091 iron ore for 77 Mining.


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