Friday, December 4, 2015

FIFA 16 News: A new passing command makes its debut

Now I feel like it’s far more evenly matched. Defenders are now much more agile when tracking an opponent, being able to turn as quickly as the attacker, providing you with more time to pick the right moment to make a tackle. Fortunately, the team EA Sports is well-defendant failures last year, which shows that the areas that were incomplete and do their best to encourage us that this year will be different. Pro Evolution Soccer series gain steam again, this is a crucial year for the team at EA encourages us to play FIFA 16 Points does not slip slowly mediocrity.

EA has focused largely on the defensive improvements of this year, and as a result, and defenders now benefit from improved animation processing, the best defensive Amnesty International's new Agility which allows defenders to follow the defensive capability of skilled attackers and closes them more easily. Midfielders also play a much larger role in midfield by creating build-up and capture of the opposition passes, and can be used for the wing to the application of a vital crossing high quality when targeting a player in the penalty area. I wouldn’t classify myself as a “gamer”. I don’t play Call of Duty, or any typical “gamer” video game, for that matter. But there is one game that I have consistently played for the last three years, and have bought opening day every year: FIFA by Electronic Arts (EA).

I wouldn’t classify myself a professional at the game, but I do think that I’m good, basically beating the game by winning Division 1 last year in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. In the past couple of seasons the market has been inflated heavily due to coin-selling websites which were fairly easy to access. Players would spend x amount of money and get x amount of coins. It flooded the market and made it very difficult for amateur players to form a good team. Halfway through the season they implemented a feature which put price caps on players. The common technique for coin-sellers was to buy a cheap player who the buyer had put on the market which is how they got the coins into the market.

Anyone who has played FIFA in the past few years knows exactly what they are getting into with the gameplay mechanics. It's easy to pick up, fast paced but ultimately a little clunky. This year is no different. It is exactly the same as the last two iterations of the game and that is somewhat disappointing, especially considering the strides the competition is making in that field. That said it's still good fun and for the more casual player the game is very easy to just pick up and put down. It's easy to chain passes together and pull off some stellar shots. What more do you really need in your football game? A new passing command also makes its debut in FIFA 16. A hard, direct pass can be accomplished by pressing the R1/RB + X/A buttons. This is a very helpful tool when trying to complete longer passes in the midfield without having to go through the air or risking the chance of getting a traditional ground pass intercepted.

These hard direct balls however will be more difficult to handle on the receiving end and I found the R1 + X command to feel a bit unnatural to pull off. FUT 16 coins returns to FIFA 16 with an emphasis on perfecting team chemistry (players from the same country, club and/or work well together), but the star of this year's version is FUT Draft.

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