Monday, December 14, 2015

FIFA Series Review: Unforgettable Days On The Hustle and Bustle Football Field

From football we learn about love, fortitude and understanding of companions. How much passion does football bring to men in life? In addition to real football, the fifa games, with fifa coins online, accompany us gamers and players to grow up step by step.

Here is something about the fifa game. After the "fifa 2002 World Cup", "fifa 2004", "fifa 2006", "fifa 2010", there are revolutionary changes in fifa 11 game, not only in the game screen effects and game mode, but also more changes in other fields. The games of fifa series could never become better in the World Cup year. And in the fifa 14 game, the world transfer network, ultimate team mode, online season mode all get fifa series to a new level. Moreover, the multi-platform, multi-form development model are vividly reflected in the game. Even there were little flaws in the new intuitive touch operation, it shows the intentions and efforts of fifa games.

Here came the fifa 15 game, which makes a real reform in the new engine Ignite for gamers. The details of the role's body, destruction operation and physical processing results are quite in place. Face realistic depiction is another highlight of fifa 15 game. It is reflected alive not just for the ball, mistakes and even every facial expression for celebration. 600 kinds of emotional reactions bring the changes of 22 roles in the heart in the field. The swing coach, long-ball tactics and ball control applications also make players have a more realistic feel for the magic of football.

The "fifa online 3" has already been the third-generation network edition of fifa series. And it differs from other fifa games in that it enables gamers to experience more fun of online gaming, qualifying, winning the day, manager mode and so on. Different gaming modes greatly enhance the playability of "fifa online 3".

And as the latest production of fifa series, the fifa 16 game does not let the gamers down. With its usual delicate and high-fidelity technology, EA brings the gamers a perfect mobile terminal football game.

However, we can not just remember fifa game. Football and fifa games have become a part of our lives. The moment of each match, each goal, each success are precious and unforgettable memories. Just enjoy the game, with your passionate heart and cheap fifa coins!

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