Monday, December 7, 2015

Which Kinds is in FIFA 16 Ultimate Teams Hybrid Squad

If you love to use Silver player card to build a hybrid ultimate team you may need this article, which is aim to introduce the FIFA 16 tutorial, how to build a best Serie A and Barclays Premier League Silve Players Squad. To build a Hybird Squad in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is the big pleasure and part of fun for many players. Most of people love to buy cheap Serie A and Barclays Premier League players in FUT 16 Coins

The ability of Silver player card in FUT are not as good as the Gold player card, but we can build an excellent team based on the reasonable formations and silver lineup to compete with gold player team.

Advantage of Silver Player Card:First of all, it's pretty fun using players you wouldn't normally use, and you'll end up finding some gems you will form a real attachment to.
Disadvantage of Silver Player Card:The finishing ability of STers and defensive ability of defenders have big problem.

Today, we would like to recommend the Sliver Players Squad 442(2) with double strikers, Kalinic and Kramaric both have an excellent finishing ability. LM&RM combination need great passing and dribbling ability, therefore, we recommend the players Dodo and Inform Mahrez in this squad.

After we solve the problem of attacking, we need arrange 6 defenders to cooperate with each other defensive. CDM players didn't need responsible for attacking, and we set Lazzari and Sidwell stay in the backcourt to defense. The side backs in FIFA 16 have been set very close to the front of the game, so we choose Letizia and De Laet who has 86+ PAC capable to be the LB&RB. To choose back's personal ability, we pay attention on DEF/PHY/PAC/Workrate. Canini and Dier have high defensive workrate, they can choose the right defensive side and position to interupt the attacker. Goalkeeper is the most important defender player, Butland has strong personal ability and he always have amazing saves in the game.

This 442(2) sliver player squad is very cost-effective, if you love to play sliver squad, you may have a try on this squad. We have a video for you to know more about these players in game. 

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